This is The Lions’ Sanctuary in a nutshell: A place to discover the why, what and who that defines you.

Why do you think, behave, like, say or do the things that you do? Do you, for instance, wonder why you don’t think the same way as somebody else, maybe even your twin brother? It is more than diversity. It is human nature.

What defines you? Are you the nurse who loves to give; or are you the giver who happens to be a nurse? These are two different things.

Who are you? Definitely more than someone’s brother or sister, or mother, or friend or wife or husband. There is more to you than the surface title that your community uses to define you.

At this point, you may be able to tell that we like to do deep things around here. We ask questions about life, experiences, humanity – and God. Specifically, the God of the Bible. He is called by many names and actually, we thought we would borrow one of His Names to use for our site. That’s where we got the name “The Lions Sanctuary.” The God of the Bible is known as “The Lion of Judah” and from what we have researched and discovered, He is not mythical but real.

To be clear, this is not a ministry, church or ordination, in case you are wondering. We are a non-profit business that has discovered that the principles from the Bible are effective for discovering answers to questions that make life purposeful. We have therefore adopted those principles for our business. So – What do we do?

The Lions Sanctuary is your go-to place to discover what it means to be “as bold as a lion” when pursuing your life’s interests. As lions are the proverbial ‘kings of the jungle’, we trust that you can become the ‘king’ of your life jungle as well.

Oh. And one more thing about mandates…

We know it, and we trust that you do as well.

Life is a jungle. Rule it like a lion king with divine intelligence.

Let’s have fun while we are at it. Discover the unique qualities about you that will optimize your experiences in career, personal life, and personal image.