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At The Lions’ Sanctuary™ Career Matchmaker ™, you are…

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Like a lion – Rule the Jungle of the Business World.

Ruling your business ‘jungle’ – Like a lion.

Who We Are

I spent years on a career merry-go-round, without understanding why I get up in the morning. It is pretty dull to live from day-to-day without a sense of why and a purpose, no?

It seemed – There had to be more to life than going to work every day. In the past 7 years, I began to discover how you get out of the pain of having no purpose in living; or how to figure out what you should be doing with your time – and days.

Life should be a fun, joyful, exciting adventure. Daily. I want you to skip the pain and go straight to the gain of knowing “what” your career match should be.

Welcome to The Lions’ Sanctuary Career Matchmaker.

Why are we “The Lions’ Sanctuary™”?

Lions Rule the Jungle

Lions are known as rulers of their world.

We can be rulers of our own individual, personal worlds, especially with career or business choices.

Sanctuary is a haven

There is turmoil out there in the jungle of life. Sanctuary is a safe place to find rest. This is your haven to discover a purpose for you.

We are Christian-based

The God of the Bible is known as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We are baby lions/Christians-in-training/individuals-in-training for ruling career issues.

We are not a church, or Biblical office, or pastoral mission.

What We Believe

The Bible

We are founded on principles that have existed for millennia and have worked for the wise and successful.

Intelligent Faith

The highest form of intelligence available to humankind is Divine Intelligence. We believe in the intelligence of the Bible.

Feeble to Strong

Divine intelligence can change a feeble heart into a strong, lion heart, able to win challenges.


How Your Personality Can Help You Start A Business Legacy

Many entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs are spinning their wheels, confused. In today’s world of businesses springing up in different forms, especially online, any individual who is trying to wrap their mind around what kind of business would suit them is probably having a very tough time. Consider the number of entrepreneurs today that are selling …

How To Develop Ability In the Business You Are Passionate About

Discovering a business that you are passionate about can take time. You may have hobbies or interests that you are already involved with such as scuba diving, photography, swimming, writing, and so many other different things. However, just because it is a hobby that you are passionate about does not mean it automatically translates into …

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