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So you want to be rich?

I have just the prescription for making it happen. The best place to begin is: Start with your mind.

Let’s unpack this, brick by brick.

Once upon a time, I wanted to have all the dresses and shoes that a lot of money could buy. You know, the brand names with the big logos? The statement items that tell people around you that you have made it? Let us, for a moment, ignore the current society of “quiet luxury”, where it is said that big logos are not the in-thing among rich people. For everyone else who wants to look and feel rich, the big logo was the way to go. It is a way of proving that “I am rich.” Or, at least, pretending to be,

However, I began to learn some lessons from key principles about life, money, and how to have true wealth. There is a lot of content out there that already speaks about why it is a silly display to flaunt money, especially if one is not truly well-off, but only pretending to be. What I am saying goes a little further than the race for money.

Building your wealthy life, brick by brick, starts from a very humble foundation – Your mind. It is that part of wealth that no one sees. Your imaginations. The things that inspire you. The insights that come to you, on how to improve or change or renew things in your life. These all originate from the mind.

When your mind has the richness to be inspired, to gather insights, to imagine great things and not mediocre things, there is a lot that you can create.

Here is the truth about every person that walks on this green earth. Each individual is a mini-creator. And no, I am not talking about content creation. You are a mini-creator for your unique space in the world. You can create or re-create it as you please. You can decide what to do to shape your environment, in most cases. In instances where your environment is beyond your control, having a wealthy mind can help you devise ways of getting out of unpalatable surroundings. The bottom line – You can create your own world to be what would make you most satisfied and at peace with yourself.

The creation starts with your mind. How do you think? What do you imagine? How wealthy are the thoughts that pass through your head? Are they constantly self-deprecating? Or are they inventive, lovely, or good?

The first step to building true wealth begins from this grassroot. If you are not at a place where your thinking, musings, or ponderings are, by default, focused on how to make a good change here, or a new progress for your life there – Then, a wealthy life has not yet begun. This means that no matter how many big logo handbags, and flashy shoes line the wardrobe, there is no true wealth in any of them. Their satisfaction is temporary.

Like I always say – Wealth is not in the designer logo that you wear. It is in the design of your mind.