The Elementary Lions’ Club

Before a lion becomes an adult, it is first known as a “cub”, the name of a baby or child lion.

At the Lions’ Sanctuary, children are not left behind on the search for “Who am I?”

We call our little kids, “Elementary Lions©” since their career and life education begins more effectively from elementary school.

What do we have in store for you and your kids at The Elementary Lions’ Club?

School Visits to Teach
Career Directions
Food Drives at Schools
Feed the Young Lions
Young Lion-to-Lion
Prayers and Support
Young Lion Helper

Coming Soon…

Teach Them to Fish for a Career!

This is a course dedicated to teaching elementary school-age kids about the importance of learning skills and habits that could transform into future jobs.

This program has been developed under the initiative to prevent adulthood poverty and career aimlessness.

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