How Your Personality Can Help You Start A Business Legacy

Many entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs are spinning their wheels, confused.

In today’s world of businesses springing up in different forms, especially online, any individual who is trying to wrap their mind around what kind of business would suit them is probably having a very tough time.

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Consider the number of entrepreneurs today that are selling courses. There are others who are writing books. Many more are making a living from Youtube or other forms of social media. Of course, there are those who have decided to stick with the ‘traditional’ type of business and they own brick and mortar, physical business spaces where their clients can visit them.

In a post Covid-19 world, brick and mortar, physical space businesses will probably not be popular, except for really big businesses that would still use physical spaces like Walmart, or other giant retailers. However, with small business entrepreneurs, there is more potential of taking off in business in the online space. You may see the point I am making here – Whether brick or mortar, whether online drop shipping, whether course selling or any other type of business, there are so many business options out there that you may be wondering – Where do I begin with choosing a business for me? How do I know what business suits me? The answer is in your personality.

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How does your personality determine the kind of business that you should choose as a lasting legacy, an enterprise where no one will need to encourage you because the drive of your personality that is so connected to that type of business, is more than enough to motivate you?

Let me use myself as an example, and how my personality helped me to determine the type of business legacies I should be building today. There are many personality tests out there. I decided to do a Google search to find one that would give me a basic idea of not just my personality, but what my career personality looks like. This type of test would take the things that interest me and match it up with the type of work or business where those interests can be found. I discovered a useful career personality test with the organization, Truity, and was quite impressed that the test was able to nail it on the things I like to do during my ‘free time.’

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This is the key – If your current job is the kind of work you like to do when you are ‘not working’ then you have hit the jackpot. However, for the majority of us out there, this is usually not the case. The work we do may not reflect what we enjoy to do during our spare time. The point of this blog is to choose a business that reflects what you like to do during your spare time – and make a legacy and even wealth from it! I am happy to share the results of my Truity test. I took the free test version, therefore, some information was grayed out from my test result. However, the free version gave the nuts and bolts of what I already knew or wanted to know. I would recommend checking out this test. My results are as follows:

You probably know what you love to do. It may be knitting, which means you are a creator like me. Perhaps you love numbers. Or maybe being out in nature is your thing.

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Whatever rocks your boat, let me give you the 7 step method that I followed to start a business that matches my personality so that I can have a legacy and build income for myself and family:

  • Know your personality and interests: As mentioned earlier, you want to know or have an idea of the things that interest you. Is it motorbikes? Painting? Scuba diving? It will factor into the type of business that you would be most motivated to take on and learn. You do not want to start a business with mere passion, because you simply ‘love’ that kind of work. You will need the ability to run the business too. Check out my blog about developing ability in the areas of interests or hobbies that you have.
  • Pick several business choices that fit within your interest: For instance, if you love to write, take out a note pad and write out all businesses that require writing: Copywriter, screenplay writer, book writer, editor etc.
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  • Try out each work option in your interest area (if you do not already have a favorite). You can do this by spending your spare hours in a week, doing gigs on Fiverr or Upwork – See my blog on how many hours of free time you have in a week). You will not only earn some extra money, but you are discovering yourself, figuring out the type of work that you love the most.
  • When you have figured out your favorite interest area, keep your day job – But launch a part time business: Do not quit your day job just because you have discovered an area that you know or think you have fallen in love with and can work on for the rest of your life! You want to become established in that area first and build a concrete transition plan into your new business before quitting your job. See my blog about transitioning to a business after being an employee.
  • Build a website: It goes without saying that the online marketplace is driving exponentially in today’s world. A business without a website will not be found, or at least, its reach would be drastically limited. Create a website that reflects your business persona and vision. There are many templates available from website hosting services or website builders for this. Check out sites such as Wix, Bluehost and Hostinger for rates, or search around for the rates and web provider that suits you best.
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  • Start blogging about your work. This helps further with finding and researching topics that will enrich your knowledge in your favorite business interests area. If you are not much of a blogger because you hate writing, you can find someone to write for you at very reasonable prices on spaces like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour etc.
  • Register your business: I cannot overemphasize this – You have discovered work that you love. You need a business registration. Check out this blog about the steps to set up a business legacy – It includes valuable information about trademarks and copyrights, that only a lawyer would remember to tell you (Psst. I am referring to me, of course).
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With these 7 steps, you are on your way to establishing a business legacy. If you keep at it and continue to do that thing which you love, it may end up being a full-time gig that provides you with the income and lifestyle you have only ever dreamt about.

Are you living the business of job of your dreams? Comment about it below, and let others know about how you are enjoying it! If you are not living it yet, drop a note as well to chat about what you really want!

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