Who We Are

Who We Are

At The Lions’ Sanctuary, we are mindful of the disconnected, discontented and maybe “homeless” sense that certain Christians may have about their place in this world.

Bad things happen to people – Growing up in a chaotic home, losing a loved one, experiencing atrocious relationships that have left you scared and unable to move forward in life – and so much more stuff that went down, no?

The Lions’ Sanctuary is a bold statement against staying down because life knocked you down.

It is boot-camp to revive you from the discontentment towards life. And, to awaken the satisfaction that you can experience towards God. God is the only route to discovering who you truly are since He designed the darn planet and humanity.

So – Let’s take a chill pill, hang on to the emotions, and reason together between God and us humans. Right here.

The Game is Not Over. Life Has Just Begun.

Why are We “The Lions’ Sanctuary™”?

The God of the Bible is ‘The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.’

You may have heard about Him, or maybe not.

Have you ever wondered why “Lion” is one of His Names?

Tip: A lion in the jungle has control of its habitat.

Life is a Jungle – You Can Take Charge. Imposter Syndrome Feelings Are Not Included

God still controls the Earth, this massive human habitat, despite popular doubts about it.

It may make you wonder – Do you have control over your own habitat, your life and world?

If not – Maybe it is time you did.

Time to start thinking like God so that you can become a lion like Him.

Strong. Undefeatable. Unstoppable.

It is a Jungle Cross-Road in Your Life. Do You Know What to Do Next?

Sanctuary is a haven

It is possible to live like a lion who dwells in a safe sanctuary.

A place where all hell has broken loose in the world around you – But the chaos has no impact on you.

Sanctuary is the place where lions who have control of their worlds can dwell.

A lions’ sanctuary. You are here now.

We are Christian

Though Christians, The Lions Sanctuary is not a church or ministry.

We are here to help you discover your own God-Ordained place on Earth so that you can discover your design a.k.a. your designated assignment that sets you apart from any one else.

You know what this means? You can never feel like an imposter in your own skin again.

It is True That There Are Mansions in Heaven. How About Starting With One Here on Earth, and Taking Charge of Your Space?

What We Believe

The Bible. Intelligent faith. From being feeble to becoming strong.

Believing in the Bible as the Word of Truth; God as a Father to those who have the grace to believe; Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind; and also, the administration of the Holy Spirit of God.

Reset your mind and re-discover God. The real God of the Bible.

Welcome to becoming the lion of your jungle.