3 Things To Do To Stay Focused And Feel Marvellous

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I have a standing response to people anytime they ask me a particular question any day.

Anytime someone asks me, ‘How are you doing?’, my answers are always:





I do not say those big words as word-fillers, or to sound ‘positive’ to the person asking me.

I say these things because that’s exactly my outlook, and how I am feeling on the inside.

As a result, without fail, people always tell me: How do you manage to say that every day consistently? What’s with the daily smile? Why are you not feeling down after 8 hours of a work day? Or…something??”

Dear Reader – You and I probably know about the ‘positive confessions’ movement. The idea of ‘claim it, say it, and whatever you claim or say, it’s yours.’

I am here to announce that it is one of the most shallow movements I have ever heard.


If everyone was possessing or getting everything that they were claiming with their words, I do believe we would have a planet of multi-billionaire, extremely healthy, very happy humans by now.

Therefore – Why is it not happening?? Why would one believe something – But it does not happen? Why would someone say something – And they never truly experience the things they are saying ‘positively’?

And what has all these got to do with my always telling people that I am feeling ‘Marvelous!’?

Saying what you believe is good. For instance, if you say: ‘I am going to buy a house on the beach‘, it is a good thing to declare, even if you don’t have the fuzziest idea how to make it happen. It is a way of getting yourself to hear what you wish would happen to you. Hearing what you want for yourself is going to make you feel good.

However – Making yourself feel good with your words that you are going to have a beach house is one thing. The reality of getting that beach house into your life is another.

Therefore – When you start telling people that: ‘I am going to buy a beach house one day,‘ what are you doing to make it happen?

Did you know that when there are actions attached to the good things you are saying about yourself, that is when the consistent, happy, feeling on the inside will usually remain with you, always?

Let’s go back to my own personal story example. When someone asks me: How are you doing today?, and I reply “Marvelous!’ I am not just saying that I am marvelous.

I actually do feel marvelous.

There are things that I would need to be doing in order to make those words authentic, so that when I tell it to people, every single day, it’s the real me feeling ‘marvelous’ – Not just empty words.

Let me share with you just 3 things that I do every day that enables me to tell anyone how fantastic I am feeling, no matter the hour of the day when they are asking me:

1. Remembering gratitude: Every day when I get up, I stop to think of what I am thankful for that morning. I used to be sickly. But now, I am always healthy. Remembering those past experiences of ill health is enough to make me jump up from bed daily and sing.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

2. Act out gratitude: My second thing to do daily. I act out the thoughts of gratitude: I sing. Maybe I am not an opera singer, and carrying some musical notes could be a challenge sometimes, but I always think up a melodious song, not a Debbie-Downer one, mind you. It has to be a praiseful, thankful tune, a happy one that gives good vibes. If you absolutely loathe singing, pop a CD into the player of your car or turn up the volume on your phone and let the thankful tunes flow. If you are to into music at all – Well, simply do something that works best for you that reminds you of how thankful you are for A, B and C in your life.

Image by 4653867 from Pixabay 

3. Make concrete, do-able goals: I always have my goals in front of me daily. What is my biggest dream? What have I done in the last week to get closer to it? In the last day? When I constantly have a happy dream in front of me, and know that I am taking actions to get there, how can I not feel marvelous?

Image by free stock photos from www.picjumbo.com from Pixabay 

I have discovered that doing these three things have helped me to stay focused, and taught me a thing or two about how to be motivated.

Give this a shot. Drop me a line to let me know if it is working for you.

About me: My name is Victoria Thomas. I am a business owner and lawyer who spent the last 7 years figuring out my true career and business. To save you the hassle of the same experience, I am giving tips to help you travel a route that is guided by bold positioning!

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